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Corridor mapping of riverbed

Combined laserscanning-CIR corridor mapping

The Danube riverbed was mapped for via donau - Österreichische Wasserstrassen-Gesellschaft mbH from Vienna to Bratislava and in the region of Wachau. These are the two major free flowing sections in Austria, with a length of about 105 km. The flight was planned as corridor along the centerline of the Danube, which is more cost effective than area mapping in this case. Planning and flying of curved corridors is more complex than straight lines, but saves time and costs.

Performance by AeroMap: mapping and pre-processing of data.

  • Laser point density 16/m2
  • Resolution of optical data 7,5 cm
  • Lidar strip adjustment and georeferencing
  • RGB-NIR image fusion


  • Period: December/January
  • Waterline under "mean low water" to map as much of the groynes and riverbanks as possible
  • Clear of snow as far as possible
  • Clear sky as far as possible

Only 2 days met the specifications due to the wintry fog situation in the Danube area.

Vermessung Schmid ZT GmbH, Klosterneuburg, did the further processing of data. In a complex process the 3-D CAD model of the hydraulic structures was created.